Irrigation systems

:joy: that just sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. I’d lay something like that on top of the soil not underneath it.

Yes. You could start that way. But after years of mulching, the pipes will be underground. In sum, drip systems require a lot of work. Overhead systems spot the blooms. Looks like watering by hand is not that bad an option.

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I understand this not a scalable solution, but for my roses in Texas I had a bubbler on each rose. The bubbler was about 3 inches above the soil. Not high enough to hit the leaves but also low enough to water in any fertilizer. Each bubbler could be controlled for the amount of water delivered at that spot. It does require extra irrigation work, but was a good solution for a ~35 rose garden on an automatic timer.

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I live in the desert in the Las Vegas area. Before I lived in So. California. Both places are hot and dry in the summer. Las Vegas can freeze in the winter.
I have been using an automated drip system with1/4” “spaghetti” lines around each plant. I also have EZ-flow automated feeding system I just had installed a few months ago. It made a huge difference in the quality and size of leaves and petals. I have 40 roses, 22 sagos, 12 bougainvilleas and 5 citrus trees as well as olive and bottle trees.

I have around 300 roses i water three zones with a 4 outlet timer
Water time is 30 minutes per zone rvery day late afternoon
Using a b rown drip hose with a valve rveru foot yhat drips .9 gallons an hour.The hose comes in a 250 ft roll and lasts forever
Iake a tre ch 6 imched or more and lay the hose in and pon it with giant staples
Bury the hose and then mulch
Stuff is available at
Irrigztion centers.the whole sydtem runs on 2 AA batteries for the summer. If it rains i shut the timer off.

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Hi, I use a drip system. The person that originally installed it knew nothing about roses. He put is a small ring around the base. This is now way too small, so I am changing it over to small drip emitters. So much easier to maintain.

What do you do with the emitters when you mulch, apply fertilizers, pesticide granules, compost, and so on? Do you take them inside over the winter?

Frank, I leave my system in the ground. The emitters are about four inches above ground.

I have not mulched yet. Usually 3". I carefully put the entire above the mulch. I turn off the system around October, before winter. Zone 8B

That should say emitter above the mulch