About the American Rose Society

The American Rose Society (ARS) is a non-profit, 501(3)c, organization dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and appreciation of roses. It was founded in 1892 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Headquarters of the ARS later moved to Columbus, Ohio and then, in 1974, to the American Rose Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. The American Rose Society is a founding member of the World Federation of Rose Societies and thereby provides access to World Rose publications to all members.

The ARS accomplishes its mission through a variety of programs and activities, including:

  • Education: The ARS offers a variety of educational resources for rose enthusiasts of all levels, including a bimonthly magazine, books, articles, online webinars and videos, and workshops about exhibiting, creating flower arrangements, and photography.

  • Research: The ARS funds research on rose diseases, pests, and breeding.

  • Preservation: The ARS works to promote and preserve all roses. The American Rose Center contains the largest collection of Rambler Roses in the United States.

  • Events: The ARS hosts a variety of events around the country, including conventions, rose shows, competitions, and workshops.

  • Local Societies: The ARS has over 200 local rose societies in every state of the US that provide support and education for their members and members of their local community.

If you love roses then join the American Rose Society. It is a great way to learn more about roses, meet other rose enthusiasts, and support the ARS’s important work.

About Our Members: The American Rose Society consists of over 14,000 members who enjoy growing roses, sharing their rose knowledge with others, and participating in competitions featuring rose horticulture, rose arrangements and rose photography. Over 900 members have been certified as consulting rosarians to provide information on growing roses. Over 400 members are accredited rose judges and provide their experience judging rose shows at local, district and national rose events. Information on growing roses is shared through our national publications and online programming as well as through meetings of local rose societies. With over 200 local rose societies across the country, gardeners have access to experts with similar growing conditions ready to assist with their rose growing questions.

Member Benefits:

  • American Rose, a bimonthly publication covering a variety of rose growing topics

  • Reciprocal Garden Program: Free or reduced garden admission to over 350 botanical gardens

  • Discounts at merchant partners up to 20% on roses, plants, supplies and more

  • Digital Bookshelf: Access to past issues of American Rose and numerous publications through the ARS Membership Portal.

  • World Federation of Rose Societies: Access to the WFRS publications, including articles about roses around the world.

  • Digital Resources: Access to webinars, videos, Modern Roses database - up-to-date info on roses and much more!