Breeder code application

Hi, I applied for a breeder code about 2 months ago. How do I check on my status?

Update, I just received an email saying my request is approved!

Where/who did you apply to to get your breeder code?


Go to and apply online.
There’s a helpful forum you can join by the Rose Hybridizers Association. There’s a minimal yearly fee. Good luck!

This has also been an issue for me, I submitted my application at some point last year!

Hi Billy - your breeders code WOB was approved last July. Sorry for any confusion. The email address attached to your submission was not functional. Glad you posted here and we got you the information.

Congrats, Billy! I am still waiting for my official code.

Heather - your breeder code is HHM. My apologies if I did not send you an email with that information. So sorry for any confusion.

Your breeder code is approved. CBH. Thanks.

Thank you, that’s great news!


Thanks so much!
Greatly appreciated,
Christopher Huffer

Thank you for the response! Is it OK if I private message you with the correct email address?

Yes thanks Billy.

Thank you, I’ve just sent you an email :slight_smile:

Hi Allen,

Just wondering if my email has been received or not?


Hi Billy - not sure. Did you get your breeders code confirmation or was it an email about another topic.

I saw the confirmation reply on here but I’ve since not had any emails so I’m unsure whether or not they’ve been received