Could this be Ispahan?

Hello, I do hope I am in the right category. I’ve been trying for years to identify this rose planted by my father in a garden my parents left in 1976.

Here is my description :
Bush about 2 m high, in Southern France, planted pre-1976, raised from cuttings. Not much suckering. Not recurrent.
Flowers mid-May to end June.
Flowers : large clusters (up to 15 buds) deep pink fading to pale pink. Some have white streaks on petals. Yellow stamens. Fragrant. About 8 to 9 cm diameter.
Leaves very distinctive : mid-green with a red rib at the base. Underside greyish green and downy. Some black spot this year (very wet spring in Europe).
I did not notice any berries.
Looks a bit like Rose de Resht, which I also have, but different details.
Many thanks if you can help !