Deer Management

We are having a beautiful spring here in Wisconsin and all the plants are going gangbusters! In my morning garden walk I am seeing the first signs of deer damage - time to get going on my spraying. I spray weekly throughout the summer with Liquid Fence - around the entire perimeter of my yard (not on my roses). I also use mosquito zappers as recommended by another rose friend. Interested in what others have found successful without putting up high fences or getting a dog!


I also use Liquid fence but more sparingly (and suffer the consequences sometimes).
Could you give a little info on the use of the mosquito zappers?

Sure! Gary Osborne, from Iowa, once told me that he added misquito zappers to his garden as the mosquito population was so intense it was difficult to work in the garden. Afterwards, he noticed that the deer weren’t damaging his roses and believes the zappers had a role in it. I have not done a formal test with a control etc on this however, I have found that using Liquid Fence along with the Zappers does seem to work. The brand he used (and so do I) is Flowtron. I got mine through Amazon.

A former co-worked who moved to Texas also had problems with deer’s
having a meal with his vegetations.
Instead of spraying with liquid fence he installed a couple
motion activated water jet scarecrow sprinklers.
The scarecrow sprinklers were daisy chained.
These are battery operated and have a setting to deter deers.

Tried to attach a picture of a water jet scarecrow sprinkler…
Not seeing it being attached.

This is available at my local farm store for $49.00 Worth every penny to me as a perimeter spray as directed on the label. I have observed a small group of deer walking to the far side of my road as they approach our property.
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I may need to add this to my deer deterrents !

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