Did you see anything unusual in 2023?

Spider mites would be my opinion. I am in the South and had them early this summer. They were mainly on roses in an area that doesn’t get a lot of air circulation.

Those little white critters might be a clue, although the chlorosis could be from soil conditions. The tips are browning, from overwatering?

I agree with ETexRoseasholic. It appears mite damage to me, too. I’d start washing the undersides of the leaves with a water wand and see what the effects are. That should not only drown some of them, but make the environment inhospitable to the rest of them. It also washes off any dust and dirt and hydrates the plant. The extra water rinsing off into the soil will help dissolve any built-up salts in the root zone and flush them deeper into the ground. If you’ve recently fertilized, it will also help deliver that to the feeder roots.