Have you had any “new to your garden” problems this year?

Every year the timing of the weather seems to change in my location and something new appears. Has anything changed for you? I have seen several very nice rose garden photos from Minnesota being attributed to a warm winter and copious Spring rain.

What’s new in my garden in 2024 would not be considered a problem by most. The winter here (Chicagoland) was so mild that my Spring bloom has far exceeded anything I have ever had before - by a lot. The “problem” then is that the deadheading and bush maintenance has been tough to keep up with! I finally caught up with it yesterday - we have filled 3 garden waste bags from all the trimmings.

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What a nice problem to have!

Same here in SC. Not that our winters are ever harsh but spring was 2-3 weeks early this year. We had a long spring with copious rains which meant my roses looked great! . That long spring was very nice as I had to do some needed rearranging of the rose garden. Now our weather has gone into summer mode which means hot, humid days and warm nights- ugh!! My roses definitely need more care in heat of summer- more water (can’t depend on the rain like we did in spring), more weeding, spraying, etc. I am tending to my roses nearly every day. However I love them so I enjoy it. I also look over our veggies and our pollinator garden every morning.

I’ll likely make my own post but one of my roses has had a dramatic change. It is producing flowers with thin pointed petals. Growth looks normal too.

It’s interesting how weather patterns can shift and affect different regions differently each year. Here in my area, the changes in weather patterns have been noticeable as well. For instance, we’ve observed variations in precipitation and temperature trends that seem to influence the growth and blooming of plants like roses. It’s fascinating to see how these natural cycles can bring about different outcomes, such as the beautiful rose gardens you mentioned in Minnesota, which benefited from a warm winter and ample spring rain. These changes often remind us of the dynamic nature of our environment and how it continuously evolves over time.

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With all the rain no need to use my irrigation system. Consequence - I still have roses to plant as the soil is so wet. Early spring bloom like many others - the Japanese beetles have appeared on schedule - June 27 for me. I wonder if the infestation will be less as there is not much bloom to attract them. Time will tell.

Yes! Can anyone diagnose what this is this is on in Dee Clark I went to change the mulch and found this on white gluey substance in the mulch that made the surface of the mulch like almost glued together I don’t know if what’s going on if this is fungus but here are some pictures can anyone help

Correction Dick Clark. The roses otherwise healthy it seems

Not sure what that is but it appears that some kind of foreign substance made it’s way into the mulch. It doesn’t look fungal to me. The production of mulch is not a perfect science - somehow something that shouldn’t be in there did get in there.

Was this a bagged mulch product or something you received in bulk?

Hello! It was bagged cedars mulch.