Heirloom Roses supplying Costco

I posted this over at the Rose Hybridizers Association forum but it’s also worth cross posting here.

Costco’s promotional magazine this month has a short note about Heirloom Roses being their supplier for roses. What’s not clear is whether those sold in-store come from Heirloom or just the ones being offered online.


I bought a batch in the store about a month ago and they looked to be the big box type from the usual Texas growers but they are in the ground and the packaging is long gone so I can’t tell.

At any rate the online offer seems a bargain especially given that they come from VID stock.


I saw this too and looked at the offering on the Costco site. I have purchased many roses from Heirloom. They are quality plants, own root, and do well in my Wisconsin garden. It is worth noting that in addition to Costco, Heirloom is a partner of the American Rose Society too and ARS Members receive a 15% discount when ordering direct from Heirloom. I highly recommend them!

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What is VID stock? I have seen the roses at Costco and have been struggling not to look too closely. I really have not much room for more roses. But I may just have a peek next time I’m there! I do have a couple of large pots in my garage that I can use to start them off.

VID means virus indexed. Heirloom mother plants generally come from known virus free stock as described on their website.

As for the in-store offering I found some still on the shelves at my local Costco today and they are from Certified Roses not Heirloom so stick with the online offering instead.


Good to know! Thanks!