Help identify and manage this woody, tree-like rose

I transplanted this plant last fall. Last year, it produced white blooms. I pruned to remove dead foliage but have not cut back the stalks. There is new growth at the base but no buds or new foliage on the old growth. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks

I would cut out the two outer grey canes to the ground, hoping to encourage new basal breaks. Get some alfalfa meal and scratch in 2 cups now then water well. Use more alfalfa meal one oe two more times during your growing season.

Thanks Elena. Do you think this a climber that’s been trained upright? At this point in the season, any chance I get buds on the greener canes?

Hi, I would recommend cutting down the stalks to the ground like Elena stated but leave at least 3 and those, I would feel for any parts on the stems where you might encourage new growth to emerge and trim above them like you would do to your roses. Karen Anne McCann

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