I just cannot find anyone who can identify these roses (correctly) ?!?!? (typo: circa 1950's)

I don’t know if this is the place, so if not, as a newbee just let me know where I can go to get these roses identified… Here is the history:

  • Original Plants were in Upstate New York (Rochester area so really upstate)… and very cold, harsh winters. Circa 1050’s to 2001…
  • They lined one side of the circular driveway at the farm and grew “wild”… they grow tall so my grandfather put up trellises for the but besides that, they were pretty much left alone. A walk down that driveway was HEAVEN!!..
  • When the farm was sold in the early 2000’s I dug a couple up (they have long tap roots and propagate very well) and transplanted them to Easter Virginia. They did very well and I transplanted them to a better spot so I could see them with my morning coffee.
  • Fast forward to 2019 and I moved to north western Virginia and brought them with me. They have done very well. Some years I just let them grow out and don’t cut them back, this past year I did cut them back and they are coming back very nicely. I don’t do much with them… they seem resistant to most diseases although last year they had a bout with mites that I cured with neem oil…
  • So, does anyone know what type they are? Thanks in advance for your help!!


You will need to provide many more and more detailed photos to even begin to guess. Include all parts of the plant in closeup.

Hi. The photo looks like my Rose de Rescht - a hardy rose that could survive in your cold climate.
If someone in your area has one you could compare the canes with leaves and prickles as well as the flower.
Good luck. Sally

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I agree with Rose de Rescht!