Low roses under climber?

Hi, this is Betsy from Wisconsin.I have William Baffin Climbers, which have a short bloom season. Thanks to Diane Sommers for advising me on pruning last fall. I use only organic methods. I am looking to add longer blooming low height roses at base. Limited space, trellised up against house.

remember not to crowd the root space by putting too many plants together. I would opt to put spot color that doesn’t have big roots to compete with your climbers. Like it or not, rose roots spread way out all angles so with yours being close to the house, their space is limited. When you fertilize, your climbers will benefit.

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Betsy, Try ‘Little White Pet’.

Try the shrub rose Little Mischief

I plant the drift ground cover roses about 2-3 ft from the base of climbers. They fill in nicely & easy to shape & control spread. Pink, white & coral bloom colors are availabe.