Powdery mildew on roses

What are people using for powdery mildew these days?

I don’t have powdery mildew often but when I do have a lot of it (like this year), I spray with Eagle.

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In combating powdery mildew, gardeners and farmers commonly use a combination of fungicides such as sulfur-based products, neem oil, and potassium bicarbonate, along with cultural practices like proper spacing, pruning infected plant parts, and avoiding overhead irrigation. Choosing resistant plant varieties, employing organic home remedies like milk or baking soda solutions, and incorporating biological controls are also effective strategies. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches that combine these methods aim to effectively manage powdery mildew while minimizing environmental impact and maintaining plant health.

I have never struggled with this disease until this year, but its everywhere in my garden! Id like to make sure it doesnt come back again next year, or at least not in such force!

What is eagle/where is it found for purchase? Any other products suggested? Does neem oil really help as well?

Look for a mail order product called MilStop. It will desicate the spores and clean up foliage. If a new cane looks really bad, I have been known to just cut it off. Then get some Eagle 20 and apply it according to instructions on the label.

I know you have been extremely busy this summer so don’t be too hard on yourself! I will email you more instructions.