Pruning/timing mini/miniflora roses for a convention show

Let’s share what works for us to prepare blooms for a certain show date. Hopefully our experienced members can share and encourage some to try this for their first time. Understanding that individual climate plays a part in the method/timing, what advice do you have?

I practice the skill now before actually needed in Sept. Know which rose varieties have the substance to survive seems key. I have done dry wrapping with only fair success and want to try transporting fresh cut flowers.

I know that some exhibitors have a fairly good idea of the time between pruning and reblooming. I have tried to time it with some success. Important to consider your seasons. Where I live it gets cooler in the fall and it may take longer for blooms to appear. Or it could be much hotter in August which also slows them down. Prune every two to three days so that the chances of hitting it right expands.

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I like this idea/reminder to stagger the pruning!