Rose Show Categories

My rose society is looking for new classes that might interest more people to enter the rose show. Are there any suggestions?

Continuing the discussion from Rose Show Categories:

I would like to see more classes for the three types of shrub roses and polyanthas.

Yes - more shows should provide various categories for Shrubs. The question is then how Best Shrub is chosen.

Many of the newer hybrid teas, breed for fragrance and disease resistance, typically do not produce the traditional hybrid tea exhibition form but rather a beautiful fuller bloom. Many rosarians would have roses to exhibition in a Decorative Hybrid Tea Class.

We have expanded our shrub classes and the Grandiflora classes. Hybrid Teas are on their own. So now the Grandifloras have single, fully open, and spray. More Polyantha classes too! I think that we need to have as many decorative classes as possible. All of our new members grow shrubs and decorative form roses. Our biggest problem is the challenge classes. We get very few entries.

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