Rose Tree Damage

Second year tree rose shows damage - it was over wintered in my garage. Is it worth trying to save?

I think it is worth trying to save. Any thought on applying pruning sealer to the tree area and see if this helps. I would worry that insects could bore and do more damage.

I am willing to try it - can’t hurt. Thanks!

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Definitely worth trying to save, & agree with using a sealant.
In future, you may want to use plumbers foam to wrap the main stem. It’s inexpensive, and will help with desiccation & freezing in really cold snaps.

Thank you for the suggestion. Do you place the foam on in the fall?

It’s worth a try. Several years ago a friend of mine had a rose tree break in half in high wind. The only thing holding it together was a strip of “skin.” She took two popsicle sticks and used grafting tape to hold it together. It worked, the bush lived.