Soil Improvements - adding compost

My garden mulch was added in August of last year. Now I want to add more compost to my soil - should I pull back the mulch from my roses to do so or simply place compost on top of the mulch?

What kind of mulch did you use? How deep is it?
I’m going to assume it’s bark. Does the bark look ‘nice enough’ to keep it as a mulch? If so, then sure, pull it back, apply compost, put the mulch back.
That just seems like a lot of extra work to me!

It seems like a lot of work to me too - the mulch (hardwood bark) does look nice . Just wondering what others do year over year.

That is why I quit using bark, just too much work when you need to add amendments. I guess you could pull it back some, add some fertilizer product, then cover it back up.
What kind of hardwood? Just curious.
Here in the PNW, we just have fir bark, I’ve never seen any hardwood bark. Oak, maple, etc., get turned into wood for building things, and I’ve never seen the bark turn up anywhere for homeowner use.

Interesting how things are different in different parts of the country - in Wisconsin there are many companies providing mulch in spring. Dump trucks full of the stuff

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