Sources for "Joy" and "Buttercream" Mini's

Does anyone know a commercial nursery source for the miniatures “Joy” and “Buttercream”? I always see lots of beautiful pictures of these two roses, but can’t find any nursery that offers them. I’m in southern CA.


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Following. I’m too interested in Joy!

According to the Combined Rose List for 2024, Buttercream doesn’t have any listing for you can buy it. But Joy is available from two nurseries: 1. Freedom Wisconsin Roses=

Both roses are delightful. I also wish to buy them. Good luck. Karen Anne McCann

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Thanks for the two possible options. I’ll try there. It’s just very odd to me that roses that are this popular are no longer commercially viable.

Just an update: Never one of the mentioned nurseries lists current availability.

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Try Angel Gardens or Northland Rosarium

Often roses that are out of commerce & non-patent protected will be propagated to be sold at local rose society auction sales. You may want to check with the rose society closest to your area.

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And this is why I love gardening…I find the best people who not only love what they do but are wonderful about sharing it. Thank you to all who have responded.

Jim: I will check those additional sources. Kay: I will keep an eye out for sales.

I did find “Joy” listed with K & M Roses, whom I have purchased from before, but currently it is N/A. I sent an email to them, so hopefully that might be an option at some point.

Happy Gardening!


Have you checked Roses Unlimited or Burlington Nursery? Roses Unlimited has a small collection of minis that tend to be older varieties. Burning Leong (Burlington Nursery) has lots of Ralph Moore roses including his minis and she also has a good selection of Dee Bennett minis (whose minis I love!). UPDATE: Checked Burlington Rose Nursery availability list for 2024. Neither ‘Joy’ nor ‘Buttercream’ is listed… sorry. what a bummer!

Rogue Valley Roses is having a Mother’s Day 30% off Sale. I was on their website and they have many roses, some are available and others on a Wait list. Check it out you may find some of the roses you are looking for.

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Do you mean ‘Buttercream Drift’ that is a new 2023 introduction by Meilland which is part of their drift series of roses? Buttercream Drift® ‘Meidevi’. If so, then check to see if any local nursery carries the drift series of roses as this " Buttercream" is one of the drift roses. We have popcorn drift. It has not been sprayed and it has no black spot! It is in our pollinator garden is NEVER sprayed.

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thanks for the thought, but it is Buttercream (a miniature rose, not a drift rose)

Thanks but I’ve already looked: no luck :frowning_face:

Let’s reach out to Steve Singer at Wisconsin Roses and see if he would be able to bud some on r. multifora for next season. Bob Martin’s wonderful rose is two words: ‘Butter Cream’. I need a couple new plants also.