Sources for new roses

Spring is arriving for many of us and shipments are on the way. Where have you ordered roses from this year? I have roses coming from Jackson Perkins, David Austin, Edmunds, Heirloom and Wisconsin Roses.

I’ve ordered roses from Grace Rose Farm, Palatine, Edmunds, Hortico, Roses Unlimited, Regan, A Reverence For Roses, Heirloom, Wisconsin Roses, Burlington, Life In Rose Farm, and Roses LLC.

I’ve ordered from Burlington, Heirloom, Edmunds, Roses Unlimited, K&M, & Wisconsin Roses

Wow…sounds like I want to see your garden. Do you exhibit and enjoy?

Absolutely love the Antique Roses Emporium. Great roses and amazing shipping boxes!!

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I do exhibit in the local shows but that’s about it.

I am fortunate to have several local rose nurseries within driving distance. I always check their stock first before ordering online. That works for Modern roses and some OGRs. Miniatures and Minifloras require a hunt!

This year I am only buying albas, adding back up bushes and replacing some which were sacrificed to an aggressive fence builder. I ordered from High Country Roses, Roses Unlimited, Rose Fire, and Palatine.