The new ‘Cosmic Clouds’

I am quite impressed by the marketing photo of ‘Cosmic Clouds’. My local nursery has several in stock now but I am wondering if the white reverse is actually as stunning as the photo? Has anyone seen it bloom in person yet?

I seen it in person at the New York Botanical Garden last spring and the flowers and bush are ugly as sin in my area. The white reverse is there, but the flowers are so dark purple that they fried in the sun and looked like papier-mâché. The flowers also lack semblance of form, there is no center or quartering or button eye or anything. Flowers are tiny. Also in high humidity, this bush was riddled with fungal disease.

This does not mean that this bush is truly awful, it just hates my area apparently so if you have similar climate it will probably perform the same but it might look phenomenal in an area that is much cooler and drier such as parts of upstate New York, New England, or the upper Mid West

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I hope that is not the case in Western WA. We do not have hot summers, but we do get every fungal disease. Thanks for sharing.