WEST Jersey Rose Dociety Rose Dhow on June 8


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The Gainesville (FL) Rose Society was invited to have an information booth at the Alachua County master gardeners’ sale last weekend. Our table, covered with containers of roses from our gardens, attracted a lot of attention. We gave away all the roses we brought as well as information about our society and how to grow roses. We’re hoping our efforts bring some new members to our group.

Great picture! Hopefully the rose fragrance alone will attract potential members.

The second picture is nice, too.

What a great looking booth! Roses are irresistible and really attract people at events like this.

People were really impressed that all the different kinds of roses were from our members’ gardens.

What an amazing and inspirational display!

Hello, It’s really good to connect with Master Gardeners and other garden club frieds. At our West Jersey Rose Society, in New Jersey, I invite my friends from the West Trenton Garden Club and members of Master Gardeners to joins us at our rose show. Our show will be held on Sat. June 8, 2024 in Maple Shade NJ. Everyone is welcome.

A real benefit of a rose show - demonstrating the variety of rose forms and colors that are available today - with many hardy and disease resistant roses on the market!

Kitsap County Rose Society held a rose display June 15th at Valley Nursery, Poulsbo, WA. The nursery did promotion of the event and offered roses at 25% off regular prices. The weather was not favorable but we did find one new member.


Your display is beautiful.

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Thank you. We have an exceptional relationship with this nursery. Mutual respect.

What a great idea and a beautiful way to show the public different roses in bloom.

Thank you. Since we are a small group rebuilding membership the judged show was replaced with this yearly display.

Elena - Who did we get as a new member? You can message me separately! Just curious because there was a person I spoke to that seemed fairly interested as well, and im hoping we contacted them so maybe we can snag two new faces!! :grin:

I agree though, the shows are great for generating interest. Worked on me anyway!

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