What are some good sprays for downy mildew and black spot?

Alliette is clearly labeled for downy, but I thought stature was also, but can’t find the research to back up my hunch.

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Chlorothalinil and Mancozeb have been used for downy mildew

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The two best approaches I have used for Downey mildew are to rotate between Agri-Fos (now relabeled Garden Phos from Monterey) and Arber. Both work very well but actually work better as a soil drench than a spray. Downey has been a particularly difficult disease to get a handle on because this climate is perfect for it. I am finally turning the corner but it’s taken losing a lot of roses in the process.

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Thank you…I have not heard of Arber.

For downy prevention, I use Alliette, especially during shoulder months for gardens along the river front

For blackspot prevention, systemic propocazanole (generic for honor guard/infuse) mixed with dithane ( powder form of mancozeb) . They provide excellent control for 10 to 14 days.

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Which Arber? There is an insecticide and a fertilizer? Yellow or Green bottle…unless they have a fungicide I’m not aware of and if so can you tell me the active ingredient as I like their products.


There are two Arber products which are used for Downey. One is labeled a bioprotectant but is the same active ingredient as the fungicide Regalia. The bottle color is green. The second product is a biofungicide and the bottle color is mauve. The products are meant to be used together. All of the Arber products are meant to be used together. All except the insecticide are systemic which makes them so effective on Downey. Hope this helps.

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Thank you! I’ll look i to getting more.

I also use these two products. They are effective fungicides for my climate also.