Winter Protection for Roses

As temperatures drop, interested in how people plan to protect their roses. I have been doing less and less each year which requires a bit more pruning in the spring. Roses still seem to do well!

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West of Seattle I only need to cut back the tall roses to avoid wind rocking. No heroic measures needed for winter.

In Zone 7 here in North Carolina we typically mound mulch around the bud union of cold sensitive grafted roses. Most roses do not need winter protection here unless they are in open areas where the cold drying wind can dry out the canes and harm the bud union. Its always wise to water the roses and hydrate them before severe cold snaps.

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I am in zone 6 and I cutback the roses then place 12 inches of compost at the base of the rose . Check out my YouTube channel if you’re interested in seeing how I winterize roses. My channel can be found using my name Judy Penner.