Favorite Equipment for Rose Gardeners

I am having difficulties with my 7 gallon spotshot power sprayer. Dependable for over 20 years, my husband has been replacing part by part to find out the problem. No solution yet - we now think it is the starter switch. Interested in what others use for spraying their roses. I do not routinely spray insecticides - only if I have a major problem. I do routinely spray for black spot and powdery mildew and with all the rain we have had I have some (not a lot) in the garden.

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I have a 3-gallon Solo manual pump sprayer for ~~ 220 roses. I do only 2 gallons at a time (due to the weight of it) and it’s usually 3 or 4 gallons of spray to get the job done. It works fine but more manual pumping than I like. I need to upgrade no doubt - I have my eyes on a sprayer from Petra Tools for ~~ $400.

I only spray a Systemic Insecticide in Spring to deter the sawfly larvae. Otherwise the usual fungicides with some Kelp added. I also use Indicate 5.

What draws you to the Petra Tools sprayer? It will be interesting to hear what others may be using. I really don’t want to use a manual pump sprayer as I have 270 roses in the garden. I also don’t want to carry it due to the weight - similar to your comments.

Go to Petra Tools website and look at their 6 gallon sprayer (I think it was 6, might only be 4). Last I looked it was on sale for $399. I honestly don’t know about the quality as I don’t have a reference that has used it.

I would use a small hand truck to strap a sprayer into for the convenience of not having to refill the tank due to weight

What kind of sprayer do you have Frank?

I am having problems finding parts for my 5 gallon SpotShot sprayer. It seems that Rosemania quit carrying the sprayer and its parts. Anybody know where to look nowadays?

Hi. You can go to a local battery store to replace the battery. I have replaced the pump by going online and finding a source. What part are you looking for?

found the battery a few weeks ago, but haven’t been able to find a pump or a rebuild kit for one.

I got a new pump at Home Depot

Thanks! Don’t know what I why I was thinking that this was a built-for-purpose pump. Doh-- I am an engineer after all, so I checked the existing pump specs and found quite a few with the same specs available online from HomeDepot, Amazon, Lowes and other places. and most look like they have matching inlet/outlet types and even the bolt patterns.
Thanks for the wake-up call.

I buy the $10 one-gallon sprayers from Home Depot. They last 1-2 years. I need four of them; one for my fruit trees, one for roses, one for Spinosad, and another for spraying for moss. Easier than changing them out.

One Gallon? How many roses are you spraying? I typically need 3to 4 gallons of spray. Diane

I have 79 roses. But even when I had 1100 to maintain, I used the gallon sprayer