Favorite Yellow Roses

I would like to add more yellow roses to my garden this year (zone 5), particularly Hybrid Teas, Grandiflora’s and Shrubs. Any suggestions?

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This is a bit tricky as many yellow roses are not reliably winter hardy to colder areas, but there are a few that are stellar.

For Hybrid Teas there is Sunny Sky

For Floribundas you can try Julia Child or Sunsprite

For Shrubs there is High Voltage

You can also grow the Climber Golden Showers. It can be trained to grow as a Hybrid Tea.

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Yes, I love Julia Child! I had her as a tree rose and loved the rose.

‘Golden Fairly Tale’. It will get large. Disease resistant and winter hardy. A great garden plant.

Strike It Rich, Gold Medal, Sparkle & Shine, Sun Flare, and Elina.

‘True Friendship’ floribunda which is one of the True Bloom series of roses.
Have trialed it for 4 years on its own root. No fertilizer, no chemicals. Watered only in drought conditions. Can be found in some big box stores


I have 2 yellow roses in my current garden, Lord Mountbatten (shrub in photo) & Radiant Perfume (GF). Both of them are quite robust & scented, & do well in my 5b garden. Sunsprite is another yellow rose, a cute & compact floribunda, also with a wonderful scent. I have had it in the past & ordered it again this spring.
There is something so cheery about a yellow rose!

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Graham Thomas, Golden Celebration and Sunshine Daydream are a few of my favorites. Harison’s Yellow is a fun old rose as it is known by many names specifically The Yellow Rose of Texas and the Pioneers Rose.

My best yellows have been Sunny Sky, Julia Child, and Sparkle and Shine.

Sol Desire and South Africa.

Hi Judith. Welcome to the Forum! South Africa is one of my very favorite roses! Disease resistant and very hardy in my Wisconsin garden.

How about Doris Day?

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I like Doris Day and have been growing it for years. Some say that Sparkle and shine is slightly better but that hasn’t been the case in my garden

Mellow Yellow has been my best performing Yellow rose. I also have Julia Child, Sunsprite and Robert Bruce. This year I’ll be adding Sparkle & Shine along with Chantilly Cream. Both Julia Child and Sunsprite are overrated in my opinion.

Welcome Roseycathy to the ARS rose forum! Hope you enjoy the discussions.

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Welcome Melissa to the ARS rose forum! Hope you enjoy the discussions. That is one lovely yellow rose!

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