Is This Rose Mosaic Disease?

Hi all, I just discovered this Knockout bush at the entrance to our housing community. It is the only one out of 7 bushes that is affected (yet). Is this Rose Mosaic? I’ve never seen it in person before. And if it is, what are the suggestions for its removal; and what to do with the other bushes adjacent to it? Please note there are two photos.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Not mosaic virus. Looks like herbicide damage.

I sent a copy of the photos to my local university plant pathology department for their evaluation. I’ll respond when I hear back.

What part of the country do you live in. Another option is rose rosette disease

Hi Diane, I’m in North Georgia… Kennesaw to be exact. Glad to hear it’s not Mosaic. Is rose rosette a serious disease? Thanks …Jill

Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) is a very serious disease - basically it means removal of the bush! Download a copy of the Consulting Rosarian Manual from the ARS website and on page 10-8 and 10-9 you can read all about it and how severe it is.

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Hybridizer, thank you… I had my diseases mixed up… I thought Mosaic was the serious one. I found a place to report the potential problem to a County agent here in Georgia. They will come out and verify the disease. I’ve also contacted the Homeowners Association and requested removal, with a link to obtain detailed directions on bagging and disposal. Will see what happens!

If anyone is interested, the site I visited is: It provides lots of information, as well as a form to complete to report a potential infected plant.

Local University Plant Pathology Dept report came back as likely Rose Rosette Disease. Please Consult

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@JimBeardsley Thank you for taking the time to submit the photos to your local experts, and then publishing the response. Meantime, based on the comments summitted here, our HOA has removed the bush in question in accordance with the suggested method of bagging the bush first, and then removing the bush, roots and all, and disposing or burning (if approved in your area). Since this bush was in a group of 6 others, they will keep close eyes on the remainder. The bushes are the main focal point at the entry, so they are hesitant to pull all of them out… so we will see what happens. But we have done our part! Thanks again, Jill

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