Miniature roses

Anyone else love minis? They are some of my favorite roses and are approximately

half of our rose garden. Do you have any favorite mini rose hybridizers? Mine is Dee Bennett. Love her roses!

I am on the hunt for Benardella minis. They were really available and popular in the late ‘90s. I do not want them to go extinct! Do you have any ?

In my early years growing roses, my garden was primarily miniatures - I found them easier to grow than others and easier to take care of and exhibit since I was working a lot. It is disappointing they are so hard to find. Ralph Moore is one of my favorite mini breeders. Frank Benardella is another. Today I have about 75 mini/minifloras in my garden

Wow! You certainly do have a large collection of miniature and MF roses. Moore and Benardella older varieties are my favorite now also because I do not want the varieties to go extinct. I always liked them because they rebloom quickly and were easier to winter protect (in Minnesota) than larger roses.

Does anyone out there have lots of Benardella mini roses?

I’m always on the hunt for them. I think that I’ve got around 10 so far. I ordered Flawless which should be delivered to me shortly. Black Jade is my sentimental favorite.

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We have about 3 dozen miniatures and minifloras. I am always looking for true miniatures like Figurine, Odessa, Jean Kenneally. So disappointing that it is very difficult to find that size miniature with exhibition form. Are there any breeders out there producing any?

Sources for Minature and Miniflora Roses

K & M Roses ( own root or fortuniana grafted): 601-648-2908,
High Country Roses: 800-552-2082,
Roses Unlimited: 864-682-7673,
Wisconsin Roses: (budded on multiflora), 262-358-1298,
Chamblee’s Rose Nursery: 903-882-5153,,


No. My minis are from Tiny Petals, John’s miniature roses or the grocery store.

Not many. Only K & M roses have minis that have exhibition form. Most hybridizers are focusing on disease resistance not exhibition form. Kordes and Meilland (both european hybridizers of big roses that have exhibition form AND disease resistance but neither hybridizes many minis. Meilland has their “Sunblaze” series of minis but that is all.

Just remembered, Burlington Nursery has many older minis especially those of Ralph Moore and some from Tiny Petals (Dee Bennett). Sadly they are both gone now.

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The sad truth is that true miniatures are harder and harder to find. Minifloras are lovely, but if you want the petite bloom like Figurine or Jean Keaneally (sic) they are difficult to locate. David Bang has lovely roses, but the blooms are larger than I would like and in our yard they struggle with the AZ heat.


I did not start out being a big fan of minis, but I have become very fond of them over time. In my experience, many have really good substance and last a very long time on the bush or in a vase. I am partial to David Clemons and Dave Bang miniatures. They do well for me in Birmingham, Alabama.


Add Burlington Rose Nursery, Visalia, Tulare County, California


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