What is Your Most Beautiful Rose Bloom?

We all have our favorites, but what is your most beautiful bloom?

For me, I think it is the hybrid tea Signature - there is nothing more beautiful to my eye when it is right. The colors are so vivid and it has great form.

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How about some pictures of favorite roses
Graham Thomas is one of my favorites.

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Here is Signature!


For me, it is hard to play favorites, because I love the diversity. A well grown Pristine, hybrid tea, delicate but large blooms, white with pink edging will get my heart racing!

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You really want us to play favorites?? LOL. Every rose I grow is because I love the look and the fragrance. I’m not an exhibitor, so I don’t get worried as much about form, etc.

off the top of my head I forget which one that is, I’ll have to go check later.

A miniflora I’ve had for years… long forgotten the name and the tag is lost.

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There are so many! Olivia Rose may be the purist pink and Munstead Wood’s deep color and fragrance are hard to beat.

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Pristine - from my garden near Chicago


lovely coloration! not many rosarians grow her!

If I could only choose one rose to keep, Lyda Rose would be it.

I have heard people say their favorite bloom is the one at perfect form today.

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Welcome Terry! This is a beautiful bloom!